China Bans All ICOs And Digital Currency Launches

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Bitcoin, Ethereum values down after 'Bans All ICOs And Digital Currency Launches' banned in Chinese Government. 

Bitcoin, Ethereum values down after ‘Bans All ICOs And Digital Currency Launches’ banned in Chinese Government.

The Peoples’ Bank of China’s joint announcement with six other agencies doesn’t translate smoothly, but the gist is clear: token-based Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that see rights to cryptocurrency issued in return for scrip are regarded as a threat to financial order and stability.

Cryptocurrencies currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, LTC (LiteCoin) and others digital currencies have slipped after the Chinese government banned Initial Coin Offerings

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The bank’s move comes on the heels of an August 30 report (in Chinese here) by the National Internet Finance Association of China (NIFA), which Technode explains described ICOs as “disrupting the socioeconomic order and creating a greater risk”

The group is also concerned that organisations taking part in ICOs aren’t meeting the disclosure requirements associated with stock market listings.

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Financial institutions have been warned not to take part in ICO operations, and the order encourages individuals who’ve taken part in ICOs to seek refunds.

Bitcoin and Ethereum slipped five and 12 per cent respectively as a result of the crackdown