Dubai’s First Official Cryptocurrency Is EmCash

Dubai now has its own cryptocurrency, thanks to a new partnership fostered through the city's Accelerator Initiative. This new cryptocurrency, called emCash, runs on its own blockchain and is designed for various financial transactions.

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The Dubai government launched their own (EmCash) blockchain-based cryptocurrency last week. The city’s economy department partnered with one of its subsidiaries called Emcredit Limited and U.K.-based Object Tech Group, Ltd. to create EmCash. This new “encrypted digital currency” is a product of partnerships Dubai has cultivated through their Accelerators Initiative and brought under the umbrella of the Dubai Economy Accelerators.

EmCash Advantages and Usage

“A digital currency has varied advantages – faster processing, improved delivery time, less complexity and cost, to name a few,” Dubai Economy deputy director general Ali Ibrahim said in a press statement. “It will change the way people live and do business in Dubai, and mark a giant leap for the city in harnessing game-changing innovations to improve ease of business and quality of life.”

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emPay will allow the UAE residents to make varied payments through the near field communication (NFC) option on their smartphones.

With EmCash, emPay users will have the option of a secure digital currency, and merchants can receive such payments in real time without going through intermediaries.

Ali Ibrahim, deputy director general of Dubai Economy, said emCash would give a financial identity to contactless transactions, reinforce Dubai as a competitive business destination, enhance customer happiness and accelerate Dubai’s evolution into a smart economy.