Facebook Is Going To Start Showing Users More Local News

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People told to Facebook. they come to Facebook to connect with friends. They also say they want to see news about what’s happening in the world and their local community. This month, we’ve announced changes to prioritize posts from friends and high-quality news sources.

The social network Facebook announced that one of the flurries of changes it is making to its News Feed is to prioritize stories and news outlets from areas where its users live. The company has been seriously criticized in recent months over the spread of disinformation and hoaxes on its platform and is making significant changes to try and combat this also including sorting news by how “trustworthy” users think they are.

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Today, we’re updating News Feed to also prioritize local news so that you can see topics that have a direct impact on you and your community and discover what’s happening in your local area.

Local publishers as those whose links are clicked on by readers in a tight geographic area. If a story is from a publisher in your area, and you either follow the publisher’s Page or your friend shares a story from that outlet, it might show up higher in News Feed.