Bengaluru bus strike: Government, not to go beyond 10% hike

Bus strike, Bengaluru bus strike
Karnataka: Bus strike called off after Govt agrees for 12.5% pay hike

Bengaluru: The state government is not in a position to hike wage above 10% for the protesting staff of the four corporations. This was stressed in the much-awaited cabinet meeting that was held in the evening hours of Tuesday.

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According to sources, the government has resolved to request the protesting staff to withdraw the strike in view of general public’s interest. Transport Minister Rama Linga Reddy has been delegated by the Chief Minister to negotiate with the union leaders.

Reddy also briefed about the situation on the ground, while many ministers expressed disappointment over the handling of the issue.

The meeting which mainly deliberated on bus strike decided to give another call to union leaders to withdraw the protest. However, in the meeting, the Transport Minister said some drivers have resumed work. But union leaders told OneIndia that it is not drivers but men selected by the government to nullify the gravity of the protest before the public.

The government has already increased the hike percentage from 8% to 10 %. This hike is causing over RS 400 crores burden to the exchequer. The government financially is in no position to hike the wage above 10%. The government will request the union leaders to withdraw the protest presenting the commotion faced by the public due to strike, sources added.