Bridge on Mumbai-Goa highway collapses; NDRF teams to the rescue

New Delhi: A bridge on the Mumbai-Goa Highway near Mahad collapsed on Tuesday night, bringing traffic to a complete halt.

The local deputy superintendent, Pranjali Sonawane confirmed that the collapse is estimated at an extent 80%.
There were 2 parallel bridges — on a new bridge and one constructed during the British era. The old one is the one that collapsed.
At least two buses and several other vehicles went missing near Mahad city after the bridge on the Savitri River collapsed due to torrential rains in the Konkan region.
The bridge is said to be more than seven decades old and a critical link to the Mumbai-Goa national highway. It crashed around 1 am due to the flood waters rushing into the river.
Raigad Collector, Sheetal Ugale says after the collapse two state transport buses with 11 passengers each were missing and there was no contact with either their drivers or the passengers.
Since the Maharashtra State Road, Transport Corporation buses which started from Mumbai did not arrive at their scheduled Mahad depot, Ugale appealed people to get in touch with the concerned authorities regarding their missing relatives.