Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa likely to join DMK

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Chennai: The recent Rajya Sabha polls saw five MPs being chosen from AIADMK and three from DMK. With Sasikala refusing to resign her post as ordered by the AIADMK high command and tearfully seeking personal protection, sources allege that back-room wires are burning on the issue.

Congress member Ghulam Nabi Azad coming out in support of her in the RS is said to be part of the move. As she is now an independent member, she can join any party as the RS is not covered by the anti-defection law and members can be cashiered only if they go against the party whip.

Hence her six-year post is safe, but sources allege “she will feel safer if she had a party to back her and in this, the DMK is the ideal choice due to the clout they have in TN.” It is with this end in view that she stated that “she had apologized to Siva and that the apology was accepted” sources added.

When she joins DMK, it will push up their tally to four in addition to Kanimozhi, RS Bharathi, and TKS Ilangovan. This will also strengthen the hands of the Congress, their alliance partners in TN.