No Intention Of Acting In Cinema: Manushi Chillar

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Delhi: Manushi Chillar, who won the Miss World 2017, She reached to Delhi yesterday. She told media Those who have won the Miss World title generally have the desire and the chance to act in cinema. But I do not have such an idea right now. So it is impossible to comment on it.

However, if I get the chance to act with actor Aamir Khan in the future, I will definitely act. In every film, he is acting emotionally and challenging. All his films make positive impressions to people. Priyanka Chopra is my favourite actress.

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My family is all doctors. I’m also studying the doctor. I’m going to go to countries on 4 continents next year. There is women awareness about the health of menstrual periods.

You are also hearing about the film ‘Padmavathi’ which is stuck in controversy and threatening actress Deepika Padukone. All women in India are common. Women in our country have fixed limits to that. So I want women to create a healthy community. She said.