Actor Mohanlal Open Letter To Kerala Chief Minister

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Actor Mohanlal in his recent blog and 7-minute podcast has made a request to Kerala Chief minister.

In the very beginning, he has made it clear that it is a letter from a citizen and not a friendly letter as an actor. “If someone asks me what terrorises Kerala, I would say it is garbage. Many people including actors like me have tried to raise awareness, but it’s been of no use.”

“There are two issues here, one is to make sure there are systems in place that allows citizens to get rid of that garbage. The second issue is about attitude, and if people continue to dump garbage indiscriminately despite making other provisions, the government should take action against them.”

The increased number of road accidents is not flattering for any state. Why is it that we are not able to prevent this, in spite of rules in place?

When Rishiraj IPS was the Transport Commissioner, he had made speed governors mandatory for all vehicles, that in turn reduced the number of accidents. This proves that it is possible to bring down the number if one wishes to implement rules.

You and your government should become the protectors of the greenery around us. We have already lost too much and cannot afford to lose more.