Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan airport look

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Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan Image Credit: indianexpress

Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan today are exquisitely dressed for every event and appearance, including the airport and gym looks, Shah Rukh Khan says he still doesn’t get the hue and cry over it.

Shah Rukh Khan says he’s rather comfortable wearing the same clothes and repeat them often. He tells us, “As a superstar, it’s not the best perk to be able to wear the best clothes in the world because everybody expects me to wear it every time I step out. I would rather wear a T-shirt and jeans and be alright.”

He laughs while recalling a recent incident, “I wore my cargo pants thrice and my team is telling me you can’t be wearing the same pants. So for me, its an un-perk of being a star that I can’t wear the same pants. They are like you can’t wear cargos every day. Your airport look will get spoiled.”