Box Office Collection: Dear Zindagi

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Box Office Collection: Dear Zindagi

‘Dear Zindagi’ earned Rs 12.5 cr on Sunday making the cumulative earnings as Rs 32.5 cr. Overseas the movie earned a whopping amount of $4 million. The film has also done well in North America and the Gulf region. For a controlled release and the genre, these are pretty strong numbers. This is what the famous Bollywood movie critic Taran Adarsh tweeted:

The solid start to this “feel good” movie is a sign that demonetisation will not really affect the Bollywood industry, provided the movies have a strong storyline with something interesting to look forward to. Not just in India, but ‘Dear Zindagi’ had a kickass opening weekend overseas. With a mid-week release in UAE, ‘Dear Zindagi’ has collected Rs 5.40 cr till Friday in the country and GCC.

Women centric movies have continuously done well in Bollywood especially in India, where women are mostly objectified. ‘Dear Zindagi’ revolves around the life of Kiara (Alia Bhatt) who has a major fear of abandonment, making her a little hesitant towards commitments, despite being in love with a person.

Shah Rukh Khan movies do way better than this in India, but since the movie was released in just 1200 theatres across the country, it had to take a hit in terms of box office numbers. But Shah Rukh Khan is really elated to have worked with the two main women of the project Alia Bhatt and Gauri Shinde. This is what he tweeted: