‘My First Month Salary Rs 75’ Says Actor Salman Khan

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Salman Khan

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan earns more than Rs 50 crore for the film. Also, Forbes magazine reported that Salman Khan is ranked 2nd in the list of highest paid actors in Bollywood cinema.

In addition, he also hosts the ‘Big Pass’ program on TV. This event has 11 episodes. Salman Khan is said to receive a salary of Rs 11 crore per episode.

Salman Khan, the 51-year-old actor at the top of the screening program, opened his mind to the reporters about his salary in his early days. He said:

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In my early days, I participated in some shows in the Taj Hotel and stood behind the dance group. He was taken by me as a friend of mine was in the dance group. I will go for fun and play. Then, my salary was 75 rupees. This was the first time I paid my salary.

Later, I bought Rs 750 for a private drink commercial. Subsequently, this amount rose to Rs.1,500. That’s it for a long time. I earned a salary of Rs 31 thousand for ‘Meine Pyar Kiya’. Then my salary rose to Rs. 75,000.