I Am Fine; Do Not Believe Rumors Says P. Susheela

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I Am Fine Do Not Believe Rumors: P. Susheela. Rumors are spread about the legendary singer P. Susheela in the social media. So her fans were shocked.

Following a series of rumours, P. Suseela in the US has spoken in a video recording.

Hello people, there are a lot of rumours about me. Because I have come to foreign countries. Tomorrow I will return to our country. You come and see me after coming. Say something, do not believe it all. I am fine.

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Singer SP Balasubramaniam said rumors spreading over P Suseela.

The news is spreading that Susheela is very serious in Tamil Nadu. She has called me before half an hour. She is in the United States. From there he left tomorrow and arrives here the next day.