Kabali upload in Online, within 70 minutes of first day first show

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CHENNAI: Rajini Kabali uploads in Online within 70 minutes of the first-day first show video pirates normally have a 24 hour turnaround time before they release a cam print (shot on camera inside a theatre) of a new movie on the Internet. But as we have constantly been reminded, rules don’t apply to Rajinikanth.

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As early morning shows of Kabali on July 22 got rolling at 4 am, an almost complete version of the entire film was uploaded on the video hosting site Vimeo. The pirate was a user named Peter, whose account had been created a mere minutes before his one, sole work of pirated art was displayed for all and sundry. The time stamp on the video was 5.10 am IST.

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Almost as if they were competing with the mysterious Peter, virtual vigilantes of the Tamil film piracy underworld, Tamilrockers.com, put another print up ten minutes later, this time in the form of a torrent.

Needless to say, almost every single person who wasn’t able to (or didn’t care enough to) catch an early show of Kabali began to watch the much-awaited Rajinikanth film on their mobile phone. Though liberal portions amounting to almost 24 minutes of the 2.32-hour runtime were missing from the leaked print, the video and audio were astonishingly good. It quickly spread to a few other fringe sites