Kamal Haasan Support Of Deepika Padukone And Her Film Padmavati

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Anitha Suicide: Who Want To Argue Against NEET Are Bargaining Says Kamal

Actor Kamal Haasan has come out in support of actor Deepika Padukone and Her Film Padmavati. “I want Ms.Deepika’s head.. saved. Respect is more than her body. Even more her freedom. Do not deny her that.Many communities have opposed my films. Extremism in any debate is deplorable. Wake up cerebral India. Time to think. We’ve said enough. Listen, Ma Bharat,” Kamal wrote on his Twitter page.

Actor Arvind Swamy also supports to Padmavati Movie. Art is meant to stimulate your mind, arouse your curiosity~led me to read about the epic Padmavat, first known source, a fictionalised poem written by Malik Muhammed in which Padmavati is the princess of Sinhal (Sri Lanka).. can’t find much in history on the topic.

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Padmavati Poster

Actor Sarathkumar support to Deepika Padukone And Her Film Padmavati, He wrote in his Twitter page The film industry is being constantly bullied by divisive forces in the name of religion & culture which is going unnoticed by the gov.Disheartening to see such unruly behavior & threats.It’s time for film fraternity to unite & speak in one loud voice.

Actress Kushboo support to Deepika Padukone And Her Film Padmavati, She wrote in her Twitter page We live in a country where unfortunately law is a mute spectator to this new found hate n blatant provocation to murder n crime