Malayalam Actress Sanusha Molested On Train

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Thiruvananthapuram: Malayalam Actress Sanusha was sexually harassed on a train in the wee hours of Thursday, February 1. The Thrissur railway police have arrested a Kanyakumari-based gold manufacturer in connection with the case. The incident happened in the early hours of today in two-tier air-conditioned coach of the Maveli Express that runs between Mangaluru Central and Thiruvananthapuram.

“I opened my eyes as I felt something against my lips. I was shocked to see a man’s hand. I held on to his hand and twisted his fingers. I tried reaching out to a person in the berth below me for help but he didn’t bother. I was shouting but no one cared to respond. This happened around 1.10 am. Just two people, scriptwriter Unni and another passenger, Renjith, came forward to help,” she said to NDTV.

Amala Paul had a similar experience a few days ago. According to her, a 40-year-old man had approached her while she was doing a rehearsal for a song and made sexual advances. The Chennai cops have arrested.Sanusha was travelling from Kannur to Thiruvananthapuram on the Mangalore–Thiruvanathapuram Maveli Express, and the incident occurred soon after the train left Shornur.