Metro Tamil Movie Review

Metro, Metro Tamil

Metro was one amongst the many movies that faced demands from CBFC to cut multiple sequences due to the nature of the content. Director Anandakrishnan, just like every other bold director, took a firm stand and refused to make any compromises. Do his efforts and attempt to turn out to be fruitful? Read more to find out.

Metro starts off with a thrilling note and within a short span of time, we get to know that the film revolves around chain snatching, its impact and how it affects the characters in the movie. Armed with a promising premise the movie slowly guides us through a chain of events. Violence is predominantly present and speaks loudly throughout the movie. The dark shades of the movie are effectively sprinkled all over the plot and constantly remind us about the nature of the content.

But while everything is glitteringly promising, redundant BGM and unnecessary slow-mo sequences tamper with the pace of the movie. What should be moving at the speed of a roller coaster moves at the pace of a merry go around? The scenes try to portray swag with oodles of build-up and dramatic heroism but it backfires and instead ends as a hiccup. Had the editing been crispier we might have got a sizzling sharp product. The movie has been loosely packed and has traces of a dragging trail. The whole movie could have been a tightly knit affair had it addressed these small bumps here and there.

The cast is predominantly new with the exception of Sendrayan and Bobby Simhaa. Shirish and Sathya do a decent job as brothers. Bobby Simhaa and Sendrayan are apt enough. We wish the director had paid more attention in extracting better efforts from his cast. Music is good and sometimes gives a helping hand, especially in the second half. Certain shots exhibit the skills cinematographer Udaykumar possesses. The scene where Bobby Simhaa lights up a beedi and puffs out the smoke stands out as an example for the talent Udaykumar has. The camerawork shows promise in the scenes shot in the after hours. The backdrop is perfectly set and we are immediately able to connect to the feel of a typical middle-class family.

The tone and nature of the content are not clearly meant for the family audience and faint-hearted. On a final note, we wish the director had paid a sharpened focus to the screenplay. A better execution could have helped this firefly a notch higher.