Padai Veeran aka (Padaiveeran) Review

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Padai Veeran (Padaiveeran) is Tamil drama film, written and directed by Dhana. The film features Vijay Yesudas and Amritha in the lead roles, with Director Bharathiraja and Akhil in supporting roles.

Munishwaran (Vijay Yesudas) is a vagabond, a village ruffian who lives for non-vegetarian food and alcohol. When Munishwaran takes an old woman to the police station, he comes to know that people have high respect for cops.

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Vijay Yesudas is earnest in Padai Veeran, he has come a long way from his debut film Maari. His hard work and effort are unbelievable. Bharathiraja’s seasoned performance is another major attraction. Debutant heroine Amritha too shines with her cute raw village look and bubbly screen presence.