Nandita Das splits with husband Subodh Maskara

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Nandita Das and Subodh Maskara have decided to separate. They have a 6-year old son, Vihaan.

When Nandita was contacted to confirm the sad rumours, she was candid enough to confirm it. “Yes, it is true. After seven years of marriage Subodh and I have decided to separate. Thankfully it is very amicable. Our son is our foremost priority and as parents of a delightful and sensitive child, we request that his and our privacy be respected. There’s nothing to hide and there’s nothing more to be said.” In times when everything is sensationalised, she hopes they will be left alone to deal with the situation in peace.

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Reluctant to say any more on the painful situation Nandita sighs, “Separation is never easy, more so if you have a child. For us, our son is our main concern and we are committed to ensuring his well-being”

When asked if she would continue to live in Mumbai or go back to Delhi where she lived for most of her life, she said that she will stay here at least until her directorial feature Manto is completed.

It looks like there’s a lot that she will be juggling with, but she has proven time and again that she is capable of doing so. Subodh is travelling out of the country so was not reachable.