Spyder Movie Review

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Spyder Movie Review

Movie: Spyder
Cast: Mahesh Babu, S J Surya, and Rakul Preet Singh
Director: A R Murugadoss

An intelligence officer must use his skills and intellect if he hopes to take down a psychotic terrorist who is wreaking havoc in Hyderabad. Spyder comes close. It is svelte, swanky and slick in a way that Telugu cinema is lately learning to be. Most important of all, the leading man, none other than Mahesh Babu, arguably Andhra Pradesh’s No. 1 star, plays it so cool, he is almost the antithesis of Prabhas’ sweaty over-exertive performance in the Baahubaliseries.

An intrinsic aptness is applied to this film about intelligence and espionage. Though there are wide passages of unbelievable visual spectacle and plot twists that coil and recoil through a maze of unrepentant incredulity, there is nonetheless at the core of SPYder a yarn that induces an adrenaline rush in the audience while it rushes to go where angels fear to tread.

The plot’s construct is controlled, measured and kinetic. The narrative takes time to build itself up into a frenzy of excitement. We are introduced to Mahesh Babu’s Shiva almost as a boring white-collar government officer determined to save distressed lives.

“I am no Superman or Spiderman,” Shiva tells his friend and then proceeds with intense irony to peak the pique, as Shiva takes on a psychopath who has a back story that tells us with the disturbing directness that the psychopath loves to kill for the fun of it.

The climax in a collapsing multi-storeyed hospital is shot with an eye for cataclysmic kicks.