Amala Paul seeks no alimony or compensation

It’s official! Director Vijay and wife actress Amala Paul finally appealed for divorce in Chennai family court. The couple arrived at the venue on Saturday (August 6) in separate cars. They appeared before Judge Maria Dilda and submitted their appeal for a mutual divorce.

The court has given them six-month separation period and by the end of it, the couple will be given divorce. Apparently, both Vijay and Amala have not sought alimony or compensation from each other, which makes the process easier

Amala Paul has moved her divorce papers through her advocate Said Jose Kidangoor and was not available for comments.  “The base for any marital relationship is honesty and trust. When that is breached, the very existence of committed relationship becomes meaningless. I really value the institution of marriage and relationship a lot,” Vijay had said in a statement.