“Don’t Compel Me To Join Politics” Says Actor Kamal

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Anitha Suicide: Who Want To Argue Against NEET Are Bargaining Says Kamal

Chennai: Who won several film awards including three National Film Awards Kamal Haasan has asked his fans to not compel him to enter politics. In a Thanthi TV interview, the actor told his fans to not confuse his views on politics with an interest to join the field. “Current state of politics is such that only a person well-versed in state craft can do some amount of good to the people. When it comes to me, I am probably the best choice to run a film school. I am not equipped enough to take on a career in politics.”

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The actor said that he’d grown up watching his family engage in fierce debates about everything from politics to religion. “So, it is only natural for me to talk about the current state of politics. I am the sort of person who thinks that corruption should not be a part of public life.

That does not automatically make me a good choice of leader, however.”

Earlier this month, Kamal said that there was a lot of corruption in Tamil Nadu. Following this, he was criticised by a lot of political leaders. Undeterred, Kamal asked his fans to send details of corruption in their areas to the TN ministers. This initiative was widely praised by everybody.