WATCH: Jaya Bachchan Loses Her Cool On The Media Again

Veteran actress Jaya Bachchan had a conversation with senior journalist Bhawna Somaiya at a recently held event, however she lost her cool on the photographers, at the do.

Mrs. Bachchan got mighty upset with the lensmen for clicking her pictures, while she was talking to Somaiya, as their cameras’ flash were hurting her eyes. She asked them to stop and learn some manners!

The actress said, ”Put your mobile down. I can’t see, you are flashing it right into my eyes. Please stop taking pictures, I hate it because it’s hitting right into my eye. You are clicking pictures right into my face, these are basic manners, we Indians have to learn. You have a camera, a mobile, you have the freedom to take anybody’s pictures without taking their permission but it’s very annoying, I have the freedom to say no.”

”I’m not against the media, I’m not against them taking pictures but there’s a time for everything. I’m sorry for sounding like a great grandmother but that’s what I’m,” she further added.

However, this not the first time she has lost her temple in public and we think by now the media must have got used to her anger issues. Take a chill pill Mrs. Bachchan.