Balle Vellayathevaa movie review

Balle VellayathevaaDirector: Solai Prakash

Cast: Sasikumar, Tanya, Kovai Sarala

Shaktivel (Sasikumar), who awaits a government job, shifts to a small village called Vayalur, as his mother (Rohini) who is a postmaster gets transferred there. He befriends the owner of his new house Selfie Kaathayi (Kovai Sarala) and her husband Kanakku (Sangili Murugan), an easygoing aged childless couple. Meanwhile, Shakthi is at loggerheads with the local bigwig Sundaram who runs a capable TV network in the rural area.

The bone of contention is that Shakthi encourages the locals to use a dish antenna instead of cable connection. Sundaram along with a local politician hatches a plan and manages to put Shakthi behind the bar and thus shatters his government job dreams. The rest is how Shakthi settles score with Sundaram with an uninteresting romantic episode with Thanikodi (Tanya) thrown in.

For Sasikumar, it’s a cakewalk and he does his part well. Tanya, (granddaughter of yesteryear late veteran Ravichandran) is passable.

Much was expected out of Kovai Sarala when the makers promoted her as the highlight of the movie. Sadly, this is also one of those regular overacts of Sarala in the name of comedy. Rohini is just adequate.

The major problem is there’s hardly any plot, and the motives for taking revenge are flimsy. The narration lacks energy and consistency. Thankfully, the humorous portions are clean and devoid of double entendres. Darbuka Siva’s music is functional while cinematography is good.