Budget 2018: Govt’s Boost To Agriculture Sector

Budget 2018, agriculture

Delhi: Indian Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday outlined a slew of measures to boost agricultural production and the rural economy.

The focus of the government next year will be to provide maximum livelihood opportunities in rural areas by spending more on livelihood, agricultural and allied activities and construction of rural infrastructure.

The government will also make efforts to link villages and rural roads to agriculture markets, Jaitley Said.

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Amid several challenges such as rising crude prices, uncertainty on revenue collections post-GST, upcoming elections, desire to revive the GDP growth and an endeavour to double farm incomes, the government presented a moderately balanced budget. in India two-thirds of the population depending on agriculture, this podcast covers a much deserving sector.

Agriculture Crop insurance

The 21 percent increased allocation towards Crop insurance schemes, at Rs 13000 crores, will help in stabilizing and stabilizing farmer incomes and protecting farmers from anomalies of weather, crop damage and market dynamics.

Irrigation changes

The government has allocated Rs 2600 crore towards irrigation reforms and announced incentives for rapid development and penetrations of farm irrigations systems. This would help to reduce dependency on weather and monsoons.