Colgate Toothpaste Chemical Linked to Cancer

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An investigation conducted by revealed that the Colgate-Palmolive Company product contained triclosan, an antibacterial chemical linked to cancer and developmental problems in animals.

Colgate Total toothpaste has been linked to cancer. The FDA knew about the chemical triclosan, which is used to fight plaque and gingivitis, before approving the toothpaste, but did they realize the dangers associated with it? The FDA approved the toothpaste knowing the safety issues of triclosan.

Hong Kong Customs plans to investigate the report and “seek professional advice from the Department of Health,” the agency said in a separate e-mailed statement. “Under the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance, it is an offence to supply, manufacture or import into Hong Kong consumer goods unless the goods comply with the general safety requirements.” reports in

Colgate Total that hit the international markets in 1992 is now sold in 173 countries around the world and is the only triclosan containing toothpaste sold in the US.