Country First, Party Second Says PM Narendra Modi

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BJP National Executive Meeting in Delhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the entire meeting today and he said Country First, Party Second’ his government will not compromise on corruption. “The fight will go on till corruption has been wiped out,” report to NDTV

Modi Thanks to BJP chief Amit Shah for his government’s handling of the Doklam standoff with China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said many people are surprised it was done peacefully. Both the Prime Minister and BJP President Amit Shah were speaking at a mega-meeting of the BJP’s national executive in Delhi.

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“We did it peacefully. Many people remain surprised how we did it,” sources quoted the Prime Minister as saying about the lengthy standoff which began in mid-June and saw Chinese and Indian troops eyeball-to-eyeball for weeks at the Sikkim border. Both sides withdrew troops from the remote Doklam Plateau, a region that both China and Bhutan claim, at the end of last month.

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Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitly said Step against black money and corruption was never on UPA’s agenda, so naturally, if we take any step they will be uneasy about it.