Democracy Is Our Strength And Together We Will Make Our Democratic Fabric Stronger: PM Modi

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Here are the highlights from his speech:

  1. For the last few weeks, we have got positive news about rainfall in various parts of the nation.
  2. I wish all the farmers the best as Monsoon arrives across the nation. Scientists have predicted normal Monsoons this year.
  3. Like our farmers, our scientists to are working hard to take the country to greater heights.
  4. Yesterday I was in Pune where I met college students who made one of the satellites that were launched along with others a few days ago.
  5. This satellite signifies the skills and aspirations of the youth of India.
  6. Similar work was done by students from Chennai.
  7. I congratulate and thank ISRO and all the scientists for their efforts. India is proud of them.
  8. ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ has touched so many lives. The results of the various examinations show how women are excelling.
  9. The 3 women flying officers – Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth and Mohana Singh – have made us all very proud.
  10. The world marked the International Day of Yoga on June 21st in a big way. So many people practiced Yoga, all over India and all over the world.
  11. You may have also seen postage stamps related to Yoga being released.
  12. Social networking website Twitter also joined Yoga Day celebrations through a special emoji.
  13. Projections of Yoga on the UN building became popular.
  14. We need to think about how Yoga can mitigate diabetes.
  15. Use #YogaFightsDiabetes and please share your experiences on how Yoga can help mitigate diabetes.
  16. Very often Mann Ki Baat is criticised, but this is possible because we are in a democracy. Do you remember 25-26 June 1975 – when Emergency was declared across India.
  17. Democracy is our strength and we will have to always make our democratic fabric stronger.
  18. Jan Bhagidari (Public Participation) is essential in a democracy.
  19. There was a day when the voice of the people was trampled over, but now the people of India express their views freely. You can now rate how the Government is performing. Many of you have given your opinion on ‘Rate my Government’ on
  20. I am highly obliged to those 3 lakh people who took time out and showed interest to send suggestions and evaluate the government.
  21. This is the strength of people of India that they have sustained the democracy.
  22. The democracy that we feel proud of, gave us huge strength, made every citizen powerful.
  23. Web portal for rural employment of Government of India attracted maximum participation in the survey. This means that people belonging to rural areas and poor sections participated actively in the survey.
  24. The government has come out with a scheme to declare undisclosed income before September 30. By paying a penalty, we can free ourselves of several burdens.
  25. I appeal to all that this is a good opportunity to be a part of this transparent scheme. This scheme is only up till September 30; Consider this as one last chance.
  26. In a country of 1.25 billion, there are only 1.5 lakh people whose taxable income is more than 50 lakh.
  27. Yesterday I met Chandrakant Kulkarni and I especially wanted to meet him – a retired government employee giving almost a third of his pension for a Swachh Bharat. What can be a greater inspiration?
  28. My appeal to countrymen is that you indeed enjoy rains but also remember that water is very precious.
  29. We must do everything possible to save each and every drop of water. Our efforts should be to send water back into the ground to recharge mother earth.
  30. By giving missed call to 1922, you can listen to ‘Mann Ki Baat’, in a language of your choice, please take advantage of it.