Easy-To-Do Start the Business In India: Arun Jaitley

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Singapore: Indian Finance minister Arun Jaitley travelled to Singapore for a two-day visit. He said in media India is Emerging as an Attractive country for Doing the Business & Easy-To-Do Start the Business In India.

Jaitley invites the businessman from Singapore for the star the business in India & FD. Jaitley said at the Finance Technology Festival: “India is the fastest growing country in the country, crossing 30 positions in a single year, making it 100th. In financial services, ‘Aadhaar’ has been linked and all functions are ‘digital’. Thus, electronic money transactions have increased.

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The expansion of financial services and rising electronic transactions are easy to highlight India as a starting the business. The process of removing the financial value, the GST and Amal reform programs, has suffered short-term challenges.

The medium and long term, there is no doubt that these measures will be of great benefit to Indian economic growth. India is an easy-to-become country-wide country. He said.