Goa: Monika Ghurde found dead, police probe sexual assault angle

Monika Ghurde was found dead at her flat in Sangolda village on Thursday night. The police who have launched a murder probe said that the suspect had disrobed the victim and tied her inside the rented apartment. “We are also probing if the victim is sexually assaulted and if any possessions in the house were stolen,” the police officials said.

On Thursday morning, victim’s brother Anand repeatedly tried to contact her over the phone, however, there was no response. Subsequently, he contacted a foreign resident who stayed in the same flat to check on Monika. “But the neighbor found the entry door open and discovered Monika’s dead body with ONLY her hands and legs bound to the bed” Inspector Rajesh Kumar said.

The investigators said that someone known to the victim had arrived the house as there was no sign of forcible entry. While there were no strangulation marks found on the victim’s body, her face was red in color. A senior police official suggested that the victim was probably smothered to death. The investigators speculated that the incident might have taken place on Wednesday or in the wee hours of Thursday, however, the exact cause and time of death will be ascertained after the post-mortem which is scheduled to take place on Saturday

Preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the Monika was married a Chennai based photographer 58-year old Bharath Ramamrutham in 2004 – under whom earlier she worked as an assistant. The couple moved to Goa in 2011, however, due to personal issues, the couple decided to separate a year back. But, the couple had not formally divorced but decided to stay separately under mutual consent. The couple did not have any issue,” the officials said. Ramamrutham was at Chennai during the time of the incident, the police added.

In her website and social network profile – Monika described herself and an independent Perfumer and researcher. She was currently involved in collaboration projects in Europe, India and New York on the subject of smell to the forefront of her creations, an introductory to her profile stated