India Celebrating 69th Republic Day Tomorrow

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Delhi: India celebrating 69th Republic Day across the country tomorrow. The government allocated seats for Congress president Rahul Gandhi gets 4th-row seat at republic day parade, reports

The Congress party is disappointed Rahul Gandhi seat selection. Congress president Sonia Gandhi has been allotted the 4th position this year, as the Congress president from 2014 till 2017 was allocated the first line.

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But the BJP, which has denied this, is the first time the leaders of the ASEAN countries are participating. The first row has been allocated for the country.

Leaders of 10 countries from ASEAN for the first time this year have been invited to attend the Republic Day Celebration as Special Guests.

As a result, the VPI’s platform is set to about 100 feet wide. At the Republic Day ceremony, strong security and surveillance have been intensified in Delhi for the first time being attended by 10 leaders.