India Most Internet Usage Country: Ericsson Telecom

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Delhi: India is the world’s leading Internet user according to a report by Swedish-based Ericsson Telecom. According to the study, Indian Internet usage is increasing year by year since 2013. In the past one year, it has been pointed out that India has been the world’s biggest Internet connection ever since the advent of Geo.

After Reliance introduced Jio network’  India has become top country in mobile data usage with Jio users consuming more than 100 crore gigabytes (GB) of data per month, Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani.

The study also said that internet usage in Indian’s smartphone has increased by 5% in 2023. In addition, an Indian smartphone is currently an average of 3.9 GPs per month, which will be 18 GB in 2023, the Ericsson said.

“To a large extent, 5G is driven by use cases with a wide range of requirements. One of the first commercial uses for 5G is expected to be for fixed-wireless access, implying a coverage build-out in urban areas,” Ericsson explained.