India Ranks 81st in Global Corruption Countries List

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Delhi: The annual corruption index, released by Berlin-based non-government organisation Transparency International (TI) released the corruption countries list. India ranks 81st on the list of corrupt countries.

The Corruption Perception Index 2017

India 81 among a group of 180 countries. The total 180 countries are listed corruption countries in the public sector. India is ranked 79th in the list of 176 countries in the list of corrupt countries in 2016. India is ranked 81st in the list of 180 corruption countries in 2017.

According to Transparency International (TI), there is a public disgrace that threatens and murders the rulers of newspapers, social organizations, opposition leaders, law enforcement officers or security personnel in the Asia-Pacific countries.

Countries such as the India, Philippines and Maldives have been affected by corruption. The corruption in these countries is high and the press freedom is low. In these countries, journalists are more likely to be murdered. The last six years, more than 15 Journalists Killed and they published anti-corruption articles.