Indigo and Spice Jet comes face to face Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indigo and Spice Jet flights came face to face on runway, but mishappening was averted.

According to the reports, the flights came face to face on Indira Gandhi International Airport.

It has been reported that Indigo flight was moving towards taxiway after coming from Lucknow and SpiceJet flight was about to takeoff, when they both came dangerously close.

It has been further said that the cause of this was the miscommunication from ATC. However, the matter has been reported to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and probe is underway.

This comes hours after a Jet Airways flight skidded and took a 360 degree spin on the Goa runway just before take-off. Some passengers were injured while being moved out of the plane on emergency slides.