Journalist Accreditation Permanently Cancelled For Fake News: Govt

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DELHI: The Journalist accreditation could be permanently cancelled if the scribe is found generating or propagating fake news the government said Monday.

The journalist would be suspended for a period of six months

As per the amended guidelines for the accreditation of journalists, if the publication or telecast of fake news is confirmed, the accreditation of that journalist would be suspended for a period of six months in the first violation and for one year in case of a second violation.

In case of a third violation, his or her accreditation would be cancelled permanently, the information and broadcasting ministry said in a release.

Press Council of India (PCI)

It said any complaint of instances of fake news would be referred to the Press Council of India (PCI) if it pertains to print media, and to the News Broadcasters Association (NBA), if it relates to the electronic media, for determination of the news item is fake or not.