Karti Chidambaram Is Allowed To Go Abroad

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Karti Chidambaram

Delhi: The Supreme Court has been permitted Karti Chidambaram to travel abroad from December 1 to December 10. Karthi Chidambaram, son of former Union Minister Chidambaram, in connection with the INX media scam. The Supreme Court has dismissed Karthik’s repeated request, saying he wanted to get a visibility notice and to let him go abroad.

Karti Chidambaram should not be allowed to travel abroad CBI too has been strongly opposed. Recently, He filed a petition to allow his, with his daughter go to London for admission. Karti filed a lawsuit in this regard. In that case, if I were allowed to travel abroad, I would not close any foreign bank account there. The Supreme Court has ordered the CBI to comment on this.

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In this situation, the CBI has responded today that Karti may be allowed to go abroad under certain conditions. Following the CBI’s approval, Karti has been granted permission by the Supreme Court. And on December 1, we have to go back to India by December 11. Karti has been conditioned to take action to violate the court order.