Opposition did not allow parliament to function: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Opposition did not allow parliament to function: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that all those using e-payments since November 8, especially the small spenders, will be offered an incentive of Rs 1000. The scheme will start on December 25 and each day 15,000 people will be rewarded through a lottery system. The scheme will go on for next 100 days. Even small traders receiving cashless payments will also be the beneficiary of the scheme.

“This is a step to promote digital transactions in a bid to put an end to black money,” said the Prime minister while addressing a huge Parivartan rally in Kanpur on Tuesday.

Taking on the opposition and accusing it of misguiding people over cashless transaction, the Prime Minister said that while on one hand, they claimed that Rajiv Gandhi brought the telecom revolution in the country handing over a mobile phone to everyone, on the other they contradict themselves by saying that countrymen didn’t have means for cashless transactions. “It’s sheer lie.

They should take one stand,” said Modi. Sharing the pain and miseries of the people are facing due to demonetisation of high value currency notes, Modi said that history would not remember which Prime Minister enforced demonetisation but it would certainly remember how the people fought the war on black money braving all troubles.

He reminded the people that his government had sought 50 days to enforce demonetisation. He assured them the situation would be normal after that period as situation was improving with each passing day.

“It seems the country is divided into two parts today. On one side, there are those few who are opposing demonetisation, on the other there is whole country supporting the war on black money, he said adding that the battle against corruption would be won and the situation would improve in the coming days.

Reiterating his government’s resolve to rid the country of corruption, the Prime Minister said that his agenda was to stop corruption while others had an agenda to stop Parliament. Despite President’s appeal they were not letting the house to function as they seemed to have hit hard by demonetisation

I am aware of their might. Those who are bribing bank officials can go to any extent to save what they have stashed. But our fight against this malpractice will continue,” said the Prime Minister.