Puducherry LG Kiran Bedi Check Safety Of Women At Night

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Puducherry LG Kiran Bedi Check Safety Of Women At Night (Twitter)

Lieutenant Governor (L-G) of Puducherry on Friday Kiran Bedi slipped into disguise to measure the safety of women at night. Riding pillion on a two-wheeler with her staff, Bedi had covered her face with a scarf.

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Announcing her incognito ride on Twitter, she said, “Found Puducherry reasonably safe at night. But will be improved”.

Respected @thekiranbedi Ma’am, My humble request to the rider and you to wear a helmet.Your safety is also important. @Ahmedshabbir20 – @AntonyRubin

While many of her followers praised her for the surprise outing, but some others pointed out a violation of rules. It was noticed that neither she nor the woman riding the two-wheeler was wearing a helmet.

In response to the brickbats, Bedi said not wearing a helmet was a deliberate choice.

“Not wearing a helmet was a careful choice,” she said, as she “wanted to appear vulnerable and wanted to see how we women driving a bike were looked at.”