Rahul Gandhi Elected Congress President: Party Announcement

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Yashwant Sinha wrote the article that PM Modi and Arun Jaitley has destroyed the economy. They are the truth said Rahul Gandi. Image Twitter/OfficeOfRG

Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi has been in the running for 19 years since 1998. The senior leaders of Congress decided to be promoted to Sonia Gandhi’s son, Rahul Gandhi because she had no health problem.

Accordingly, Congress leader’s election was announced. The Dec 4 he was to nominate the Election. That day, Rahul Gandhi filed his nomination. The Congress executives from all states have filed a petition.

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All the 89 nominations were accepted as petitions were filed in favour of Rahul Gandhi.
Apart from Rahul Gandhi, no other applications have been filed. Therefore, Rahul Gandhi was elected unopposed as the Congress leader.

Today is the last day to withdraw petitions. Therefore, it is officially announced that Rahul Gandhi was unchallenged as Congress leader today.