Ram Temple Should Be Constructed In Legal Manner: BJP President Amit Shah

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Ram temple in Ayodhya to be constructed in a legal manner after mutual dialogue said BJP President Amit Shah

“The party’s stand is clear and mentioned in the last four Lok Sabha election manifestos. The temple should be constructed in a legal manner and there should be mutual dialogue,” BJP President Amit Shah said at a press conference in Jaipur.

On suggestions that the creamy layer among SC/ST should be excluded from reservation benefits, the BJP President Amit Shah said a decision can only be taken after discussion with all parties in Parliament.

Addressing the press conference, BJP President Amit Shah referred to major steps by the BJP-led government in Centre, including demonetisation, GST implementation and shutting down shell companies.

BJP President Amit Shah said that the BJP was never against GST implementation by the UPA-led government but it was the way it was sought to be implemented. “The states were demanding that losses incurred by them should be fully compensated by the Centre. We accepted their demands while implementing the GST and now the states are with us,” Mr Shah said in reply to a question. “There were apprehensions raised by the Opposition, but people of the country have accepted it,” he said.