Seven-Year-Old Dies Of Dengue, Hospital Bill Rs 16 Lakh

Dengue, Gurugram's Fortis hospital
Seven-Year-Old Dies Of Dengue, Hospital Bill Rs 16 Lakh (Photo: NIE)

Delhi: Gurugram hospital charged the family of a seven-year-old dengue patient, who later died, almost Rs 16 lakh for 15 days in the ICU.

The family of the deceased, Aditya Singh, alleged that the doctors continued her treatment in the ICU, in full knowledge that her condition had deteriorated beyond cure.

“The doctors kept the child in ICU for so many days, but her brain had already damaged gradually which the doctors deliberately did not test. They continued the treatment knowing that her brain was dead,” Jayant Singh, father of the deceased told reporters

Parents claim Gurugram’s Fortis hospital charged them of Rs 16 lakh for 15-day Dengue treatment of their daughter who died during it, say, the case should be thoroughly investigated

I want to appeal for an investigation and if any changes are required in the laws, they should be made. Would not like other people to suffer like we did: Jayant Singh, Father of the victim, Delhi