SC: Can’t justify Jallikattu just because it’s an old traditional practice

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday said Jallitkattu, the popular bull taming sport of Tamil Nadu, cannot be justified just because it was a common practice in the earlier days, likening it to child marriage, which is now illegal in the country.

“In earlier times, child marriage was common, which doesn’t justify the practice”, observed the apex court during a hearing on Jallikattu.

In a strong response to Tamil Nadu’s argument that the sport should be allowed because it showcased the state’s cultural tradition which dates back to centuries, the court observed that mere presence of tradition can’t justify age old practices.

It posted the matter for final disposal on August 23, when it will be decided if the sport is constitutional or not.
In January this year, the Supreme Court had stayed the Centre’s decision to allow holding of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu during Pongal festival that month. Leading political parties in Tamil Nadu, including Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa have time and again demanded lifting the ban on Jallikattu.

“It is inextricably linked to rural, agrarian customs and has religious significance with families donating bulls to temples in fulfillment of vows”, Jayalalithaa had said.