Terrorism, Naxalism, Kashmir Problem Will Be End By 2022: Rajnath

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Indian Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh said on Friday that the Centre would find a solution to the Terrorism, Naxalism, Kashmir Problem Will Be End By 2022

Kashmir Problems

“There are a lot of problems terrorism, naxalism, Kashmir problem. Much is not needed to be said about these problems. But I can assure you this much that by 2022, we have pledged to create a ‘new India’. So a solution will be found to all these problems before 2022. We want to assure the countrymen on this,” Singh said.

New India Movement

Singh made the statement while addressing a program called ‘Sankalp se Siddhi – New India Movement (2017-2022) Naye Bharat Kaa Nirmaan‘ in Lucknow. He also administered an oath to the gathering to work towards making India clean, poverty-free, corruption- free, terror-free, communalism-free and casteism-free.

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“If people could take (Quit India) pledge in 1942 and get freedom in 1947, then why is it so that after 70 years of Independence, India is not that self-reliant which it should have been? I would congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking a pledge to create a ‘new India’ before the country celebrates its 75th year of freedom,” Singh said.

The home minister added that Mahatma Gandhi knew how important cleanliness was and made it a campaign but it was PM Modi who turned it into a mass movement.

“For 85 long years after the first war of Independence in 1857, India understood the country’s power and kept on gathering it… In 1942, the entire nation stood united when Mahatma Gandhi said ‘British should Quit India’ and gave the clarion call of ‘do or die’. It was the result of this pledge which bore fruit five years later,” Singh said.