Train Services Resumed, After 2 Days In Kashmir

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Terrorist Killed By Security Forces In Jammu And Kashmir. FILE PHOTO

Kashmir: Train Services Resumed, After 2 Days In Kashmir. The deputy inspector was killed in Kashmir on last Friday. He killed by the terrorist. The Railway service was cancelled on Saturday for security reasons in the Kashmir valley area.

Following this, six militants from Lashkar-e-Taiba movement were killed in a search operation by the security forces in the Bandipore district of Kashmir yesterday. Among them were Lukvi’s son-in-law and key generals who acted behind the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack.

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The separatist outfits, the Hurriyat Conference Party and the Jammu and Kashmir Independent Front, called for a general strike yesterday, claiming to have a right to self-determination.

It was announced that it would be cancelled on the 2nd of the day. The action has been taken for security reasons after the government administration and police order.

In this case, the cancelled train service has been renewed for the past two days.