Twitter India Head Calls It Quits After 4 Years

Twitter India head Rishi Jaitly announced that he was leaving the social networking giant on Tuesday through a series of tweets.

“Today, after four years of user/business momentum in India and the region, I’m sharing my intention to move on to new opportunities, same mission,” he tweeted. “Building/leading @TwitterIndia, and expanding @TwitterMedia across Asia Pacific & Middle East, was the leadership experience of a lifetime,” he further wrote.

In his tweets, Mr. Jaitly also mentioned that he is moving to Chicago. “While a personal/civic calling takes me to Chicago, I’ll spend significant time in India/Asia, drawing on my past to further tech’s promise,” he wrote.

“We thank Rishi Jaitly for his contributions, entrepreneurship, and leadership over the past four years on Twitter. He was our first person on the ground to bring Twitter into the high-growth Indian market; He has created bold, strategic partnerships to enter and grow new markets for Twitter, and has successfully built up our Media Partnerships teams across the Asia Pacific and the Middle East,” said Twitter India’s spokesperson.

“There will be a smooth transition as his last day is in late November after which he will move back to the US, but will remain engaged in India, as he pursues new opportunities to harness the power of technology and scale of mass media to empower voices, particularly in emerging markets. We wish him all the best and will continue to invest in these important regions to make Twitter the best way to see what’s happening right now around the world,” the company added.