We Accept Verdict Of The People: Congress

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Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi (Left Side) with Indian National Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi (Right Side)

Delhi: Today counted votes in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly elections. The BJP, which holds the majority for both seats, retains power in Gujarat and regains the throne in the Himachal Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi said, “The Congress party accepts the people’s verdict.

I want to congratulate the new government on which to rule both states. I would like to thank the people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh for their love for me. Brothers of Congress Party, you are proud of me. You have worked for everyone. The Congress Party’s greatest strength is its moral and courage, “said Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress party accepts the verdict of the people and congratulates the new governments in both states. I thank the people of Gujarat and Himachal with all my heart for the love they showed me.