Accused Ramkumar claims Swathi called him to Chennai

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CHENNAI: In a series of curious twists and turns, the advocate who represented the suspect in Swathi murder case withdrew himself, while another who met the suspect, P Ramkumar, in prison alleged that the young man had come to Chennai  on her bidding.

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SP Ramaraj, a 60-year-old former district judge now practising law, met Ramkumar at Puzhal central prison for about an hour from 4.30 pm on Wednesday. “According to him, it was Swathi who asked him to come to Chennai,” claimed the advocate.

This is contrary to the version put forth by the Chennai city police, who have been maintaining that the two had no direct connection. Police officials said there was no contact between Ramkumar and Swathi, not over the phone or social media.

Countering another detail in the police version, Ramaraj told Express that the person speeding away on a bike as seen in the CCTV footage released by the police was not Ramkumar. The boy, he added, did not know bike riding. The cut on his neck was suspicious, the advocate argued, stating that the nature of the wound did not look self-inflicted.

Ramaraj alleged that the police tortured the whole family when Ramkumar was arrested, adding that the family was not permitted to access their home till now. Even the prison authorities refused him permission to meet Ramkumar and stalled for an hour before accepting his application.

Meanwhile, advocate G Krishnamurthy who had appeared for Ramkumar before the Principal Sessions Court seeking bail withdrew from the case after questions were raised whether he was formally chosen by the client. He made this announcement on his social media space.

The city public prosecutor ML Jegan had opposed the bail plea at the outset itself, charging that Krishnamurthy had not obtained the vakalat from the accused, his close relatives or friends. The petition was filed without the knowledge or consent of any of them, alleged the CPP, charging Krishnamurthy of seeking publicity with this. The court had then asked both of them to submit their claims in detail in writing and adjourned the matter to July 15.

Ramaraj, however, claimed that he is getting vakalat from Ramkumar’s father Paramasivam. “On Monday, we will file the papers before the court,” he added.