BMW To Make The I5 An Ideal Family Electric Car

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The i3 hatchback and the i8 sports car have been technological marvels that have really showcased BMW’s potential with electric vehicles. But clearly, they have left what could be described as a chasm-sized gap in the middle of the range. Which is where the car that we are presuming will be called the BMW i5 will come in, as a car capable of appealing to those who want to travel longer distances and carry more stuff under electric power.

Reports also suggest that BMW will offer a range-extending internal combustion engine as an option, meaning that the i5 will be an electric vehicle rather than, as some reports have previously suggested, a hybrid. BMW claims that unlike the i3 which is considered mainly as the second or third car, the new model is aimed at families and should be capable of being the first car of the household.

BMW has only launched the i8 in India in a bid to showcase its prowess with electric vehicles and as a result is in a niche segment. The new i5 could, however, be the car that could appeal to the masses who could buy it as an alternative to the popular 5-Series and the likes