Demonetisation: 105 people who died in 45 days after Rs 500, 1,000 Note Band

The demonetisation drive has entered its 45th day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had introduced demonetisation of high denomination notes as a surgical strike against black money and corruption. But his rhetoric has changed tune several times since then.

The PM had declared that good times were sure to dawn upon us. We don’t know about good times but Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien put out a tweet with the list of the 105 people who have died in the 45 days. Will they also be given the status of martyrs now that the state had brought about the end of their lives?

We have taken the names from the list O’Brien tweeted earlier today.

Tamil Nadu: 1 death

  • M Subramanian died while waiting in a bank queue.

Karnataka: 2 deaths

  • Gopala Shetty, 96-years-old, died while waiting in a bank queue
  • 40-year-old woman committed suicide because rs 15000 that she had gone to the bank to exchange got lost or stolen

Kerala: 4 deaths

  • Karthikeyan, 75-year-old, died while waiting in a bank queue.
  • KK Unni, 45-year-old, slipped and fell from the third floor of a bank and died.
  • OmanakuttanPillai, 73-year-old, committed suicide fearing that he would not able to withdraw his life savings deposited in a co-operative bank.
  • Chandrasekharan, 68-year-old, died waiting in a bank queue.

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