Is Eating Chapati Good At Night?

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Is Eating Chapati Good At Night?

Is Eating Chapati Good At Night? When we sleep for 8 hours (or less) we do not need instant energy as we will only be resting. Also, we do not want to starve your body for all the 8 hours we sleep. So, we need such food in the night which will not digest quickly, not starve us in the night so that we don’t wake up super hungry in the morning.

If we look at Chapati’s nutritional content we will find that it is very high in fibre as it is made up of whole wheat. High fibre means it takes time to completely digest in our stomach. So, if we eat chapati in the night this means that it will stay in our stomach for longer duration thus not raising hunger spikes.

Suppose if we eat low fibre food such as rice instead of chapati, the rice will digest very quickly and your body will starve all night. So, when we will wake up we will feel more hungry and probably eat more to satisfy that hunger.