Akhilesh says SCAM means ‘Save Country from Amit Shah and Modi’

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Image: AFP

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav hit back at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday evening for the latter’s “SCAM’ jibe, saying the acronym actually stands for ‘Save the Country from Amit Shah and Modi.’

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Modi had earlier played with the word to say it stands for ‘Samajwadi Party, Congress, Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati’. The BJP will fight against the SCAM in the state, the Prime Minister had said at an election rally in Meerut.

The CM, who hopped from one meeting to another in Kanpur region throughout the day, coined his own term for the word at Akbarpur, in Kanpur Dehat, launching a scathing attack on the Prime Minister and the BJP president.

“Everyone has suffered badly in their quest for ‘achche din’; they had to stand in queues from morning to night to take out their own hard- earned money from banks,” he said in another meeting at Auraiya. He also addressed meeting in Phapoond, Bidhuna and Rasoolabad.

The CM said they (the PM and the BJP) once again selling the dream of ‘ache din’ in these elections.

“The budget has just been passed, what did the poor and women got from it,” he said, adding the PM has an obligation to tell the people how much black money he had brought back.

Mocking the central government for introducing Rs 2,000 note, he said had the Centre taken advice from him a better note would have been in circulation.

Yadav, highlighting his achievements before the impressive crowd, said his government would put in place a mechanism that would prevent policemen from taking bribes.

He also promised to recruit 1 lakh police constables from among class 10 or 12 pass youths if voted back to power.

On the alliance with the Congress he said “The cycle has got a hand, it will run much faster now.”

The CM appealed to the people to put behind the SP feud for the next two months.

“My relation with Netaji is unbreakable; sometimes the circumstances compel us to take certain decisions; fighting the conspiracies within the party had become my compulsion.”